Transform U Manchester | Holistics
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Happy young woman practicing yoga on the beach at sunset. Healthy active lifestyle concept.

Ultimate Mind & Body Relaxation

This treatment includes Relaxing Massage Therapy and followed by Deep Relaxation Mindfulness Hypnotherapy
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Angelic Reiki

Benefits of Angelic Reiki Healing Relieves stress, anxiety & depression Treats the cause of all physical, emotional and mental conditions bringing immense relief, Helps relieve chronic fatigue & pain
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Holistic Massage Therapies

  • Indian Head Massage £20
  • Swedish Full Body £30 inc Face & Feet £40
  • Hot Stone Back £25 Full Body Hot Stones £40 inc Chakra Balancing £45
  • Aromatherapy Massage £35 (Aids Sleeplessness, re-energise, Detox)
  • Deep Relaxation Mindfullness £20
  • Clinical Hypnotherapy helps with smoking cessation, virtual Gastric Band, Anxiety, Stress, Sleeplessness, plus much more. Please ring or message us for details. £60 per session.
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